For those who are in the medical science area fighting diseases and intoxications on a daily basis, this book intends to bring some of the latest results written to a medical context. For students of chemistry and medical sciences, this book will help shed some light on, for instance, the role of metal ions in the environment of life and how sinister the consequences are of contaminations in the environment, mainly water and soils. Results in the scientific literature in Medical Sciences are seldom read by medical doctors. However, many results in Bioinorganic Chemistry and Biochemistry are straight linked to free radicals production and to some diseases, such as degenerative ones (Alzheimer, Parkinson, Wilson, etc.). Metal ions are now shown in the chemistry literature to play a vital role in these diseases. Therefore, external chemical effects, as well as biochemical (internal) effects have to be considered.


This second volume of the series intends to continue helping to fill the gap between research and practicing medical professionals as well as students in general. It will help to bring to anyone interested in the ultimate results and conclusions from research produced among interdisciplinary areas of knowledge, an understanding of the neurodegenerative diseases. It is known today that metal ions participate in the enzymatic chemical reactions of the living bodies either acting as essential elements or being responsible for oxidative damaging processes.

Molecular & Supramolecular Bioinorganic Chemistry: Applications in M

REF: 978-1-61728-785-5
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  • Este livro da série "Molecular and Supramolecular Bioinorganic Chemistry: Applications in Medical and Environmental Sciences" , volume II em formato capa dura, pode ser encontrado no site da Nova Science Publishers em:


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    Editors: Ana Lucia Ramalho Mercê; María Ángeles Lobo Recio; Judith Felcman

    Idioma: Inglês

    número de páginas: 235

    Editora: Nova Science Publishers, New York, USA

    Ano: 2011

    Table of Contents: 

    Chapter 1. Aluminium Neurotoxicosis. Should we forget about in vitro models?, pp. 1-30  
    (Paula P. Gonçalves)

    Chapter 2. Bioinspired Synthetic Analogues For Purple Acid Phosphatases And Catalytic Promiscuity, pp. 31-71
    (Ademir Neves, Hernán Terenzi, Rosely A. Peralta and Patrícia Cardoso Severino)

    Chapter 3. Phosphates In Biology: Some Interactions With Metal Ions And Other Biological Compounds, pp. 73-94 
    (Judith Felcman and Ana Lucia Ramalho Mercê) 

    Chapter 4. Aluminium in Waters. Sources, Speciation and Removal Techniques, pp. 95-122
    (María Ángeles Lobo-Recio, Ana Lucia Ramalho Mercê, Maria Eliza Nagel-Hassemer and Flávio Rubens Lapolli )

    Chapter 5. Advances In Metals Separations Technology From Liquid Effluents, pp. 123-153
    (F.J.Alguacil, M.Alonso, F.A. López, A.López-Delgado and I.Padilla)

    Chapter 6. Review: Aging And Neurodegeneration – A Biochemical Approach, pp. 155-186 
    (Luciana Dornnelas, Ana Lucia Ramalho Mercê and Judith Felcman) 

    Chapter 7. Radicals And Transition Metal Complexes In Aqueous Solutions, pp. 187-217
    (Alexandra Masarwa and Dan Meyerstein)





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